Quality Testing

We have a modern testing laboratory within our premises, equipped with advanced chemical testing instruments which examine composition, effectiveness and quality of Phosphoric Acid, Magnesium Sulphate, Acetic Acid, Glycerin, etc. To perform chemical analysis process, we have employed the best scientific experts who ensure to give 100% positive testing results. Quality rules our every offering because our major aim is to generate value against hard-earned money. Hence, we adhere to international quality norms for making customers have simply the best quality acids and chemicals.

How Are We Planning To Win Competition?

  • By ensuring qualitative, quantitative and cost-effective manufacturing of acids and chemicals.
  • By maintaining high strictness during preparation of offered line so that not a single trace of error is found.
  • By increasing our talented team with employment of experienced, qualified and value-driven professionals.
  • By speeding up manufacturing process in order to meet growing demands of  Sodium Nitrate Powders, Phosphoric Acid Solutions, etc.

Our Mission

We, understand this well and put across our best efforts to make customers happy by giving high attention to their special requirements regarding production formation.

Encourages Fairness & Honesty 

Honesty always come at the top in our core values because through this particular factor, one can easily win the faith of its customers. Everyone prefers to work with an honest corporation which work in a transparent and legal manner. We are one of those companies which fall under this category as we execute all the business dealings with our clients, in a complete transparent environment. At every stage of our business, fairness is promoted by the management via treating every employee equally.